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5 Major Insights Into The Remittance Market Report 2023

The Business Research Company’s global market reports are now updated with the latest market sizing information for the year 2023 and forecasted to 2032


The Business Research Company’s Remittance Global Market Report 2023 offers crucial insights into the remittance market help businesses analyse and build stronger strategies.


The global remittance market is set to experience substantial growth, anticipating an increase from $686.51 billion in 2022 to $737.05 billion in 2023, showcasing a robust Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 7.36%. This upward trajectory is expected to persist, culminating in a market size of $928.21 billion in 2027, driven by a CAGR of 5.93%.

  • Dynamic Landscape: The remittance market exhibits resilience and growth, underlining its crucial role in the global financial landscape.


Driving Forces: Overseas Migration

A pivotal factor propelling the remittance market forward is the notable increase in overseas migration. This migration phenomenon involves individuals crossing borders to reside and work in foreign countries, resulting in remittance transactions as these migrants send financial support back to their home countries.

  • Data Snapshot: In Australia, migrant arrivals surged by approximately 170%, reaching 395,000 in 2022, a significant uptick from the 146,000 recorded in 2021.
  • Family Support and Payments: Remittances serve as a lifeline for families and contribute to various payments, solidifying their impact on global economies.


Market Stalwarts: Key Players Shaping the Landscape

Major players in the remittance market play instrumental roles in defining its dynamics and steering its growth. Industry giants like Western Union, PayPal, and JPMorgan Chase are at the forefront of this financial ecosystem.

  • Global Players: Leading companies operate on a global scale, facilitating cross-border financial transactions.


Innovative Currents: The Trend of Product Innovation

A significant trend influencing the remittance market is the emphasis on product innovation. Key companies are actively engaging in the integration of new technologies, such as digital wallets, to accommodate the growing demands for remittances and maintain their competitive edge.

  • WiPay’s Disruptive Move: WiPay, a Caribbean-based payment facilitation company, introduced WiPay Remittance in May 2023. This service streamlines fund transfers to WiPay wallets, reducing reliance on physical cash handling and enhancing security.
  • Cashless Revolution: The goal is to revolutionize existing remittance techniques, providing a seamless, cashless solution for individuals worldwide.


Navigating the Segments: Types, Channels, Applications, and End Users

Understanding the diverse dimensions of the remittance market is essential, and the market is segmented across key parameters to cater to a wide array of needs.

  1. Type Segmentation:
    • Inward Remittance
    • Outward Remittance
  2. Channel Segmentation:
    • Banks
    • Money Transfer Operators
    • Online Platforms (Wallets)
  3. Application Segmentation:
    • Consumption
    • Savings
    • Investment
  4. End-User Segmentation:
    • Business
    • Personal


Regional Dynamics: North America Leading, Asia-Pacific Rising

In 2022, North America took the lead as the largest region in the remittance market. However, Asia-Pacific is positioned to emerge as the fastest-growing region in the forecast period, showcasing the dynamic nature of global remittance trends.

  • North America’s Dominance: The region solidifies its influence with significant market share.
  • Asia-Pacific’s Growth Trajectory: Anticipated to be the epicenter of rapid expansion, reflecting changing economic landscapes.


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The Remittance Global Market Report 2023  provides a comprehensive outlook of the remittance market for the historic years (2010 – 2021) and ten years forecast (2023 – 2032). The remittance market forecast offers a thorough analysis on remittance market size, remittance market share, prominent players and their strategies.


The Table Of Content For The Remittance Market Include:
1. Remittance Market Executive Summary
2. Remittance Market Segments
3. Remittance Market Size And Remittance Market Growth Rate
4. Key Remittance Market Trends
5. Major Remittance Market Drivers
25. Key Mergers And Acquisitions In The Remittance Market
26. Top Remittance Companies
27. Remittance Market Opportunities And Strategies
28. Remittance Market, Conclusions And Recommendations
29. Appendix


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