Use Of Micro-Batteries And Recycling Of Primary Batteries In The Primary Batteries Industry

Primary battery manufacturers are increasingly manufacturing micro-batteries to cater to new application areas.  Micro-batteries are small-scale (approximately the size of a rice grain or about 1 mm3) batteries that are used to power small systems from simple sensors and transmitters to systems with ultrahigh density packaging. These batteries enable the design of small and complex electronic systems, have high energy density, and last longer than conventional primary batteries. Micro-batteries are also used in wearable and implantable medical devices.  Silver-zinc batteries are a popular type of micro-batteries as they deliver higher energy density, safety, reliability and sustainability than other available micro-batteries.

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Primary battery manufacturers are adopting battery recycling methods to ensure environmental compliance and reduce production costs for new batteries.  Recycling can extract useful metals from scrapped batteries. This enables manufacturers to gain cost benefits in the production of new batteries. Governments globally have formulated regulations to recycle batteries, which have harmful materials such as alkaline cells, to prevent groundwater and environmental contamination. For example, the US EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) has implemented the Battery Act to facilitate the collection and recycling of mercury in batteries.  The EU legislation on waste batteries is embodied in the Batteries Directive, which encourages recycling of waste batteries.

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The primary batteries manufacturing industry includes comprises establishments manufacturing disposable flashlight batteries, dry cells, lithium batteries and watch batteries. Primary batteries are small single use batteries that generate electric power from chemical reactions that occur between the terminals and the electrolyte in the battery. These are mostly used in portable devices that require low current. Primary batteries are mostly used in devices such as watches, clocks, flashlights, torches, electronic toys, portable medical equipment such as hearing aids, blood glucose monitors, pacemakers and others.

The electrical and electronics manufacturing market, of which the primary batteries manufacturing market is a segment, consists of sales of products that generate, distribute and use electrical power products by entities (organizations, sole traders and partnerships) that produce products that generate, distribute and use electrical power, or electronic products such as audio, video and semi-conductors. This market does not include computers, computer peripherals and telecommunications equipment.

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The primary batteries manufacturing market report covers market characteristics, size and growth, segmentation, regional and country breakdowns, competitive landscape, market shares, trends and strategies for this market. It traces the market’s historic and forecast growth by geography. It places the market within the context of the wider electrical and electronics manufacturing market, and compares it with other markets.

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