Global Glycinates Market

Glycinates Market Overview: Market Size, Major Drivers And Trends

The Business Research Company’s global market reports are now updated with the latest market sizing information for the year 2024 and forecasted to 2033

Market Growth Overview:

  • The glycinates market has experienced strong growth in recent years.
  • Expected to grow from $1.23 billion in 2023 to $1.31 billion in 2024 at a CAGR of 6.6%.
  • Forecasted to reach $1.7 billion in 2028 at a CAGR of 6.8%.

Factors Driving Growth:

  • Rising demand for nutritional supplements.
  • Expansion of pharmaceutical applications.
  • Focus on sustainable ingredients.
  • Advancements in cosmetic formulations.
  • Livestock production growth.

Rising Nutritional Supplement Needs Fuel Market Growth

Nutritional Supplements Demand:

  • Nutritional supplements enhance the diet and promote health.
  • Glycinates are used in supplements to boost health in various ways.

Impact on Market:

  • Increased ingestion of supplements ensures necessary nutrient intake.
  • Rising U.S. sales of supplements indicate growing demand.

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Major Players in the Market

Key Companies:

  • Solvay S.A.
  • Ajinomoto Co. Inc.
  • Clariant AG
  • Albion Laboratories
  • And many more…

Innovations in Glycinates:

  • Development of pure magnesium bis-glycinate solutions.
  • Focus on enhancing bioavailability and formulation flexibility.
  • Partnerships and joint ventures to drive market dominance.

BASF and Hannong Chemicals Forge Alliance for Surfactants Dominance

Strategic Partnership:

  • BASF partners with Hannong Chemicals to establish BASF Hannong Chemicals Solutions Ltd.
  • Aimed at dominating the non-ionic surfactants market in Asia.

Market Segmentation and Regional Analysis

Market Segments:

  1. Type: Magnesium Glycinate, Calcium Glycinate, Zinc Glycinate, Iron Glycinate, Copper Glycinate, and more.
  2. Structure: Fluid, Powder, Other structures.
  3. Application: Food Source, Nutraceuticals, Creature Feed, and more.

Regional Insights:

  • North America leads the market, with Asia-Pacific showing fastest growth potential.


The glycinates market is witnessing robust growth driven by rising demand for nutritional supplements and expansion in pharmaceutical and cosmetic applications. Major players are focusing on innovation and strategic partnerships to develop sustainable and bioavailable glycinates, catering to evolving consumer needs. With advancements in production technologies and a focus on sustainable sourcing, the glycinates market is poised for continued expansion, revolutionizing nutritional and healthcare industries worldwide.

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