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Global Exterior Automotive Plastics Market Overview 2024: Size, Drivers, And Trends

The Business Research Company’s global market reports are now updated with the latest market sizing information for the year 2024 and forecasted to 2033

The Business Research Company’s Exterior Automotive Plastics Global Market Report 2024 offers crucial insights into the exterior automotive plastics market help businesses analyse and build stronger strategies.

Automotive Industry’s Influence

  • Market Propulsion: The exterior automotive plastics market is set for growth, largely due to increasing demand from the automotive sector.
  • Key Components: Plastics are integral to various exterior parts of vehicles, offering advantages in weight, durability, and corrosion resistance.
  • Industry Expansion: Statistics reveal a steady rise in vehicle registrations globally, indicating sustained demand for automotive plastics.

Key Players Leading the Market

  • Prominent Companies: Major players include Arkema S.A., BASF SE, DuPont de Nemours Inc., Royal DSM N.V., and ExxonMobil Corporation.
  • Market Strategies: These companies focus on innovation, sustainability, and strategic partnerships to maintain their market position.

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Embracing Sustainability: Recycled Automotive Grades

  • Market Trend: Sustainability is a growing trend in the exterior automotive plastics market, with companies increasingly adopting recycled materials.
  • Example: SABIC introduced recycled automotive grades within its TRUCIRCLE portfolio, offering sustainable options with up to 29% recycled content.
  • Benefits: Sustainable resins provide excellent performance while addressing automotive customers’ sustainability goals.

Industry Collaboration: Aurora Plastics and Enviroplas Inc. Merger

  • Strategic Partnership: Aurora Plastics LLC merged with Enviroplas Inc. to enhance product offerings and customer service.
  • Enhanced Range: The merger expands product options and reinforces a commitment to quality and service in the exterior automotive plastics sector.

Market Segmentation

  • Types of Plastics: Segmented into thermoplastic polymers, composites, and bioplastics.
  • Vehicle Types: Categories include passenger cars, commercial vehicles, and other vehicle types.
  • Materials Used: Materials such as polyurethane, polycarbonate, polypropylene, and others are employed in manufacturing.
  • Applications: Plastics are utilized in various exterior components like bumpers, grills, roofs, lights, and liftgates.

Regional Insights

  • Asia-Pacific Dominance: Asia-Pacific emerged as the largest region in the exterior automotive plastics market in 2023, driven by robust industrial activity and technological advancements.

Future Outlook

  • Projected Growth: The market is expected to continue its upward trajectory, reaching $16.02 billion by 2028, with a CAGR of 5.8%.
  • Drivers of Growth: Factors such as rising demand for aquaculture feed, alternative protein sources, and biosecurity concerns will fuel market expansion.
  • Anticipated Trends: Technological advancements in feed formulation, integration of digital technologies, and sustainable sourcing practices will shape market trends.

The exterior automotive plastics market is witnessing robust growth, propelled by increasing demand from the automotive industry and a growing emphasis on sustainability. Key players are innovating with recycled materials and strategic collaborations to meet evolving market needs. As the market continues to expand, technological advancements and regional dynamics will play pivotal roles in shaping its trajectory towards a sustainable and prosperous future.

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The Exterior Automotive Plastics Global Market Report 2024  provides a comprehensive outlook of the exterior automotive plastics market for the historic years (2010 – 2021) and ten years forecast (2023 – 2032). The exterior automotive plastics market forecast offers a thorough analysis on exterior automotive plastics market size, exterior automotive plastics market share, prominent players and their strategies.

The Table Of Content For The Exterior Automotive Plastics Market Include:

1. Exterior Automotive Plastics Market Executive Summary
2. Exterior Automotive Plastics Market Segments
3. Exterior Automotive Plastics Market Size And Exterior Automotive Plastics Market Growth Rate
4. Key Exterior Automotive Plastics Market Trends
5. Major Exterior Automotive Plastics Market Drivers
25. Key Mergers And Acquisitions In The Exterior Automotive Plastics Market
26. Top Exterior Automotive Plastics Companies
27. Exterior Automotive Plastics Market Opportunities And Strategies
28. Exterior Automotive Plastics Market, Conclusions And Recommendations
29. Appendix

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