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Global Aircraft Leasing Market Analysis: Size, Drivers, Trends, Opportunities And Strategies

The Business Research Company’s global market reports are now updated with the latest market sizing information for the year 2024 and forecasted to 2033


The aircraft leasing market has experienced robust expansion in recent years, driven by various factors contributing to its growth trajectory. Key drivers include:

  • Globalization of aviation
  • Cost-efficiency and flexibility
  • Market deregulation
  • Financial benefits for airlines
  • Emergence of low-cost carriers

Charting the Course: Growth Trajectory

From $178.31 billion in 2023, the market size is poised to reach $195.09 billion in 2024, marking a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 9.4%. Looking ahead, the market is forecasted to achieve a valuation of $269.21 billion by 2028, with a CAGR of 8.4%. Factors driving this growth in the forecast period include:

  • Rise of emerging markets
  • Airline cost management
  • Economic recovery and growth
  • Sustainable aviation initiatives
  • Shift to shorter leasing periods

Flying High: Major Market Trends

Several trends are anticipated to shape the trajectory of the aircraft leasing market in the forecast period:

  • Fleet modernization
  • Expansion of low-cost carriers
  • Platform innovation
  • Shift to operating leases


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Surging Air Travel Fuels Aircraft Leasing Market Growth

Clearing the Path: Importance of Aircraft Leasing

Aircraft leasing plays a crucial role in meeting the demand for air travel by providing airlines with flexibility and cost-effective solutions. Instead of purchasing aircraft outright, airlines lease them from leasing companies, allowing for fleet expansion and contraction according to demand fluctuations.

Skyward Bound: Increasing Air Travel Demand

The rising demand for air travel, as evidenced by significant increases in global total traffic, particularly in regions like Europe, is a primary driver of market growth. Airlines seek to meet this demand by expanding their fleets through leasing arrangements, driving the growth of the aircraft leasing market.

Technology Advancements Reshaping The Aircraft Leasing Market

Breaking New Ground: Innovation in Technology

Technological advancements are reshaping the aircraft leasing market, with companies leveraging advanced analytics platforms to enhance operations. For example, LEASEWORKS introduced LeaseWorks Utilization Tracker, streamlining the collection of usage records and enabling lessors to optimize asset management.

SMBC Aviation Capital’s Acquisition Of Goshawk Management Ltd. Reshaping Aircraft Leasing Landscape

Forging Alliances: Strategic Acquisitions

Strategic acquisitions, such as SMBC Aviation Capital’s acquisition of Goshawk Management Ltd., are reshaping the aircraft leasing landscape. Through this acquisition, SMBC Aviation Capital expands its capabilities and facilitates the transition to newer technology aircraft, positioning itself for future growth.

Segmenting the Market: Key Insights

The aircraft leasing market is segmented based on leasing type, security type, and aircraft type:

  1. By Leasing Type: Wet Leasing, Dry Leasing
  2. By Security Type: Asset-Backed Security (ABS), Non-ABS
  3. By Aircraft Type: Narrow-body, Wide-body, Other Aircraft Types

Charting the Course Ahead: Regional Dynamics

In 2023, Asia-Pacific emerged as the largest region in the aircraft leasing market, with North America expected to be the fastest-growing region in the forecast period, highlighting the global nature of market expansion.

As the aircraft leasing market continues to evolve, driven by technological advancements and market dynamics, stakeholders must adapt to seize emerging opportunities and address evolving industry needs. With innovation driving progress, the future of the aircraft leasing market is poised for sustained growth and development.


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The Aircraft Leasing Global Market Report 2024  provides an overview of the aircraft leasing market for the time series: historic years (2010 – 2021) and ten years forecast (2023 – 2032). The aircraft leasing market forecast analyzes aircraft leasing market size, aircraft leasing market share, leading competitor and their market positions.


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