Global Hot-Melt-Based Adhesives Market

Hot-Melt-Based Adhesives Market Overview: Market Size, Major Drivers And Trends

The Business Research Company’s global market reports are now updated with the latest market sizing information for the year 2023 and forecasted to 2032


The global hot-melt-based adhesives market is experiencing a significant upswing, poised to grow from $15.65 billion in 2022 to $17.04 billion in 2023, with a compelling compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 8.9%. This surge is indicative of a broader trend – the increasing focus on eco-friendly solutions. Hot-melt adhesives, with their environmental advantages and diverse applications, are emerging as key players in the adhesive market.


Eco-Friendly Hot-Melt Adhesives: A Shift Towards Sustainability:

  • Growing environmental awareness is driving a demand for eco-friendly products.
  • Hot-melt adhesives gain prominence due to features like affordability, absence of VOC release, longer shelf life, reusability without degradation, and fast-drying ability.
  • Companies like Bostik are leading the way with solventless technology, reducing the use of hazardous solvents in products such as hot-melt polyurethane adhesive for the textile industry.


Application Success: Hot-Melt Polyurethane Adhesives in Textile Industry:

  • Hot-melt polyurethane adhesive finds success in Asian underwear, sportswear, and medical garment manufacturing.
  • Companies leveraging this adhesive demonstrate a commitment to both efficiency and eco-friendliness.


IoT Integration: Enhancing Efficiency and Quality:

  • Major players in the hot-melt-based adhesives market, including Jowat Se, Sika AG, and DowDuPont, are adopting IoT technologies.
  • IoT connects equipment and smart devices to provide real-time insights, allowing for improvements in quality and optimal production levels.
  • Smart systems monitor the working condition and performance of chemical reactors, enabling proactive maintenance and reducing machine breakdowns.


Global Market Segmentation: Tailoring Solutions for Diverse Needs:

  1. Type Diversity:
    • Thermoplastic Polyurethane
    • Ethylene Vinyl Acetate
    • Styrenic-butadiene Copolymers
    • Polyolefins
    • Polyamide
    • Other Resin Types
  2. Application Spectrum:
    • Packaging Solutions
    • Nonwoven Hygiene Products
    • Furniture & Woodwork
    • Bookbinding
    • Other Applications
  3. End-User Versatility:
    • Building and Construction
    • Packaging
    • Transportation
    • Electrical and Electronic Appliances
    • Healthcare
    • Other End Users


Major Players Paving the Way:

  • Leading companies in the hot-melt-based adhesives market, such as Bostik Inc., Huntsman Corp., and Hexcel Corporation, are instrumental in shaping the industry’s trajectory.
  • The adoption of IoT technologies by major players showcases a commitment to innovation and efficiency in adhesive manufacturing.


Future Growth Projections: A $23.54 Billion Market by 2027:

  • The hot-melt-based adhesives market is poised to continue its upward trajectory, with projections reaching $23.54 billion in 2027.
  • The market’s growth is underlined by a commitment to sustainability, technological integration, and the versatility of hot-melt adhesives across industries.


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The Hot-Melt-Based Adhesives Global Market Report 2023  provides an overview of the hot-melt-Based adhesives market for the time series: historic years (2010 – 2021) and ten years forecast (2023 – 2032). The hot-melt-Based adhesives market forecast analyzes hot-melt-Based adhesives market size, hot-melt-Based adhesives market share, leading competitor and their market positions.


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