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Understand How The Benzoic Acid Market Is Set To Grow In Through 2023-2032

The Business Research Company’s global market reports are now updated with the latest market sizing information for the year 2023 and forecasted to 2032


The global benzoic acid market is on an upward trajectory, poised to grow from $1.24 billion in 2022 to $1.31 billion in 2023 at a steady CAGR of 6.0%. Looking beyond, the market is projected to reach $1.61 billion in 2027, maintaining a robust CAGR of 5.3%.


The driving force behind this growth is the increasing demand for processed foods.

  • Processed Foods Surge: Processed foods, with their diverse alterations and modifications through processing techniques, are at the forefront of consumer preferences. The market’s growth is intricately linked to the rising demand for these food products, which undergo transformations such as the addition of preservatives and additives.
  • Benzoic Acid’s Role: Benzoic acid emerges as a key player in the processed food landscape. Widely used as a preservative, it boasts antimicrobial properties that effectively combat the growth of bacteria, fungi, and yeast. This usage not only extends the shelf life of processed foods but also ensures their quality and safety.


Market Giants: Major Players Shaping the Landscape
The benzoic acid market is shaped by major players, each contributing to the industry’s growth and innovation. Companies such as Emerald Kalama LLC, IG Petrochemicals Ltd., and Merck KGaA are at the forefront of providing solutions that cater to the evolving needs of the market.

  • Key Market Players: Emerald Kalama LLC, IG Petrochemicals Ltd., Merck KGaA, Chemcrux Enterprises Ltd., The Chemical Company, Ganesh Benzoplast Ltd., Huayin Jinqiancheng Pharmaceutical Co Ltd., Wuhan Youji Industries Co Ltd., Tianjin Dongda Chemical Group Co Ltd., Lanxess AG, Eastman Chemical Company, Avantor Inc., Novaphene Specialties Pvt Ltd, DuPont de Nemours Inc., and Krishna Specialty Chemicals Pvt Ltd.


Innovative Trends: Product Evolution in the Benzoic Acid Market
A prominent trend in the benzoic acid market is the focus on product innovation. Major companies are directing their efforts toward creating new and improved products to not only meet market demands but also to stay ahead in the competitive landscape.

  • Innovative Solutions: Menno Chemie GmbH & Co KG., a German chemical wholesaler, exemplifies this trend with the launch of A-QUASAN in June 2022. A-QUASAN is a novel disinfectant formulated with benzoic acid, specifically designed for fresh produce processing and drinking water systems. Its effectiveness at low concentrations against a wide spectrum of pathogens, coupled with strong biodegradability, makes it a game-changer. With no significant residues and stable performance for up to 16 hours, A-QUASAN sets new standards in disinfection.


Segmenting Success: Understanding Market Dynamics
To comprehend the intricacies of the benzoic acid market, a closer look at its segmentation based on form, application, and end use is essential. This segmentation provides insights into the diverse forms and applications that define the market’s complexity.

  1. By Form:
    • Powder
    • Granules
  2. By Application:
    • Sodium Benzoate
    • Potassium Benzoate
    • Benzyl Benzoate
    • Benzoate Plasticizers
    • Alkyd Resin
    • Benzoyl Chloride
    • Feed Additives
    • Other Applications
  3. By End Use:
    • Food And Beverages
    • Chemical Industry
    • Pharmaceutical Industry
    • Other End Uses


Regional Dynamics: North America Leading, Asia-Pacific Rising
In 2022, North America stood as the largest region in the global benzoic acid market, showcasing the region’s prominence in the industry. However, looking ahead, Asia-Pacific is expected to emerge as the fastest-growing region, signaling a shift in market dynamics.

  • Regional Landscape: North America’s leadership underscores its mature market, while the rapid growth in Asia-Pacific highlights the region’s increasing role in shaping global benzoic acid trends.


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