Global Bio Plasticizers Market

Insights Into The Bio Plasticizers Market’s Growth Potential 2023-2032

The Business Research Company’s global market reports are now updated with the latest market sizing information for the year 2023 and forecasted to 2032


The global bio plasticizers market is poised for substantial growth, projected to increase from $1.44 billion in 2022 to $1.56 billion in 2023, with a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 8.5%. Looking ahead, the market is anticipated to reach $2.08 billion in 2027, showcasing a robust CAGR of 7.4%. This surge is fueled by the flourishing construction industry and a key trend – product innovation. Let’s delve into these factors shaping the bio plasticizers landscape.


Elevating Construction: Catalyst for Market Growth

  1. Construction Industry Dynamics: The construction industry, a pivotal sector involved in infrastructure development, experiences steady growth.
  2. Bio Plasticizers in Action: Within construction, bio-plasticizers find applications in wire insulation and jacketing, enhancing concrete strength and workability.
  3. Global Construction Momentum: Reports from the United States Census Bureau reveal an over 8% increase in the value of residential and non-residential constructions in the U.S. between 2020 and 2021.
  4. Global Construction Output: Oxford Economics projects a substantial 42% increase, equivalent to $4.5 trillion, in global construction output from 2020 to 2030, reaching USD 15.2 trillion.


Industry Leaders: Steering Sustainable Growth

  1. Prominent Market Players: Leading entities shaping the bio plasticizers market include ExxonMobil Corporation, Cargill Incorporated, BASF SE, and Dow Inc., among others.
  2. Innovators in Sustainability: These major players actively contribute to the industry by developing innovative and sustainable solutions.


Innovation at the Forefront: Cargill’s Biovero Bio Plasticizer

  1. Key Trend: Product innovation emerges as a pivotal trend gaining traction in the bio plasticizers market.
  2. Cargill’s Breakthrough: In October 2021, Cargill Incorporated introduced Biovero bio plasticizer, setting a new standard with its plant-based composition.
  3. Efficiency and Sustainability: Biovero enables more efficient production while using less energy, minimizing waste, and utilizing eco-friendly materials.
  4. Initial Application: Anticipated to find initial use in flooring manufacturing for residential and commercial spaces, Biovero adheres to customer and regulatory standards.
  5. Phthalate-Free Solution: Notably, this phthalate-free product aligns with sustainability goals, making it an attractive choice for environmentally conscious manufacturers.


Segmentation Dynamics: Unveiling Market Categories

  1. Diverse Bio Plasticizer Types:
    • Sebacates
    • Succinic Acid
    • Citrates
    • Glycerol Esters
    • Epoxides
    • Other Types
  2. Applications Across Industries:
    • Flooring and Walls
    • Film and Sheet Coverings
    • Wires and Cables
    • Coated Fabrics
    • Consumer Goods
    • Other Applications
  3. End-Use Scenarios:
    • Automobile
    • Packaging
    • Electrical and Electronics
    • Textiles
    • Building and Construction
    • Medical and Healthcare
    • Other End Uses


Regional Dynamics: Asia-Pacific Leading the Way

  1. Dominant Region: In 2022, Asia-Pacific emerged as the largest region in the bio plasticizers market.
  2. Fast-Growing Europe: The forecast indicates Europe as the fastest-growing region during the upcoming period, emphasizing the global nature of the market.


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The Bio Plasticizers Global Market Report 2023  provides an overview of the bio plasticizers market for the time series: historic years (2010 – 2021) and ten years forecast (2023 – 2032). The bio plasticizers market forecast analyzes bio plasticizers market size, bio plasticizers market share, leading competitor and their market positions.


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