Increasing Use Of Social Media And Mobile Applications In The Amusement Parks And Arcades Market

Increasing use of social media and access to mass media is positively impacting the growth of the amusement parks and arcades market. Visitors like sharing their experiences, photographs and videos on social media platforms which helps other people know the experiences offered by amusement parks around the world. According to a study conducted by Visa, a cards and payments company, 73% of Asians check-in online while on a holiday and as many as 71% people share their experiences on social media sites after returning home. Extensive use of social media is expected to drive growth in the amusement parks and arcades market during the forecast period to 2022.

Amusement parks are increasingly investing in their own mobile applications to serve their customers seamlessly. Mobile applications help in branding, measuring guest loyalty, fulfilling internal orders, offering location-based deals, providing better on-site services, marketing through reviews and rankings, and customer feedback, which leads to increased sales, especially among the millennials. For instance, applications such as Official Universal Orlando Resort App and My Disney Experience – Walt Disney World have been launched for amusement parks in the USA. These applications list the waiting times for the rides and many other special offers, which enhance the experience of the customers. Mobile integration also positively influences the growth of the amusement parks and arcades industry.

Amusement parks offer platforms to their patrons for booking rides or tickets with the help of mobile technologies. Patrons can also use their mobile devices and apps to experience a ride or visit an amusement park instead of standing in queues to buy a ticket. Universal Orlando Resorts offers options for purchasing tickets online. In addition to deploying mobile technologies, theme parks have started entertaining their patrons at ticket counters to ease the waiting time to acquire tickets. For instance, Disney World has deployed means such as performers and video games alongside the queues to entertain their guests.

The global amusement parks and arcades market was estimated at around $68 billion in 2019, and is expected to grow to $87 billion in 2022 at an annual growth rate of nearly 9%. Increasing use of social media and mobile applications contribute to the growth of the amusement parks and arcades market.

amusements parks and arcades market

According to a survey conducted on theme parks visitors in Japan and Malaysia by Omnico in 2018, 91% of visitors prefer a mobile application to detour the queues and purchase fast-track passes with specific timeslots, and 89% prefer buying entry tickets through these applications. 88% of visitors prefer pre-booking fast-track ride passes, and 85% of Malaysian and 61% of Japanese theme parks visitors prefer using pre-paid cashless wristbands for convenience.

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